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What essentials do I, as a Manufacturer, require for global exportation?
To expand, you need the capability to identify potential distributors in every country, communicate with them effectively, present your products in their language, seal deals, and ensure compliance and scientific standards are met. This is the essential recipe for growth.

Accelerate Your Global Export Journey with Our Services

How about having a worldwide squad of sales brokers in your corner? We recruit, train, and back sales reps globally, putting boots on the ground everywhere. That's the key to sealing the deal!
Are Your Products In Demand From Distributors, And Are You Cleared To Export To Their Country? Recruiting Distributors Without Ensuring Compliance In Each Country Sets The Stage For Significant Failure.
Seeking Social Media Accounts In Diverse Languages? Global Export Starts With: Multilingual, Multichannel Social Media Marketing
We'll identify distributors worldwide, aligning with your ideal customer profile and craft a finely-tuned B2B lead database through detailed research for stronger bottom-funnel performance.
How About Sparking Global Demand For Your Product? It's Not Just Selling;
It's About Engaging, Building Relationships, And Winning Loyal Clients Worldwide.
Would you be interested in having a proficient team of scientists? Enhancing Your Scientific Endeavors: Comprehensive Consultation for Experimental Techniques, Lab Design, and Marketing Support
Would you like to have designers specializing in global manufacturers?
We will help you with all aspects of visual communication - from typography and iconography to illustration.
Need Multilingual Expertise From A Copywriter? In A Diverse World With Countless Languages And Dialects, Speaking Your Distributor's Language Makes Them Understand And Desire Your Product.
Need media that convinces distributors to want your product? We Bridge the Gap: Visual Content Solutions in Photography, Videography, Post-Production, and Dynamic Animations for Your Product Reach
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Our Clients: The Manufacturers Themselves

Jesper Sølund
CEO & Co-Founder at
MyAirShield S.A., Luxemburg
CEO & Co-Founder at
OXYGI, LLC, Los Angeles -USA
CEO & Co-Founder at
ECORAD (CHEMIART) Ltd., Arad Israel
Sven-oliver robertson
CEO & Co-Founder at
ECOEFX SOLUTIONS GmbH, Hamburg Germany
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We fly across every nation, meet every distributor, and handle every deal. From royalty to government officials, to Fortune 500 companies—everyone matters.


DIATOMIC is committed to creating an ingenious synergy between marketing, sales, and science. Combining strategic digital marketing with quality creative brand-specific services and exceptional customer care, we bring marketing expertise to science, making it possible for our clients to create long-lasting impressions to their ideal customers. Our experienced team of marketers, creatives and scientists deliver strategic creative solutions in a world of overwhelming data and information overloads, allowing you to stand apart from competitors. We focus on marketing, so you can focus on production.
ECOSPRAY is a forward-thinking company dedicated to pioneering eco-friendly solutions in fuel efficiency and emission reduction. A collaboration between two prominent Japanese chemical giants, EISHIN and WOX WATER.
A US-based manufacturer with three production facilities in China, OXYGI has a 25-year legacy of innovating air purification solutions for indoor environments. Initially, OXYGI served as a manufacturer, offering white-label products to various brands to distribute their solutions globally, aiming to safeguard lives rapidly.
An innovative Israeli chemical company, EcoRad excels in wet wipes and is committed to pioneering highly efficient sanitization solutions. Our inspiration from nature drives us to create products aligned with environmental sustainability values.
MyAirShield Ltd., based in Hong Kong with manufacturing hubs in Hubai, China, and branches across Europe and the USA, introduces patented Chlorine Dioxide Pearls. The mission revolves around preserving health through air disinfection and purification. In a world facing alarming microbial threats to lives and industries, our technology presents a vital solution, ensuring thorough air sanitation and pathogen management.